Patrice Evra At The Periphery Of The Ball

Van Persie was also a complete Moncler outlet reversal of the opportunity, in Mulberry Bags Outlet seventy-ninth minutes, Van Persie accepts Carrick's pass the offside trap, left rib 10 yards directly left foot to push shoots the far angle slightly, this shot is very difficult, because Van Persie is far from the ball, the last shot man down enough to play like a shovel shot, control pretty close "is very good.Game Van Persie shot 6 times 2 times shoots to score 1 goals, in front of the performance is pretty good.
Van Persie today in the door to many scoring opportunities and his diligence inseparable relationship, because Rooney was rested today, Van Persie is playing Rooney's position, in United's attack, his first task was to withdraw the midfield to pick up the ball a little structure, rather than the sample has been at the top of the first in the area nearby looking for the chance to score, in such circumstances, Van Persie shot 6 times in addition to a free-kick to shoot outside, other all at a distance of 20 yards of the region, see his effort.
On the organization, Van Persie does not like Rooney how, although he did not threaten the pass, but the organization or menace is very big, the former Manchester United two goals and some of his relations, United's first goal is to send Van Persie free-kick from Beats By Dre Pro Newcastle zone mulberry outlet of chaos, in Hernandez and Evans into continuous shot, United's second goal is Van Persie cross from Newcastle defence loosening, Patrice Evra at the periphery of the ball after the break long-range.
After 3-3 even, Van Persie has also worked for cheap beats by dr dre Hernandez made two very good scoring opportunities, seventy-third minutes, Van Persie pass, Hernandez crossed the offside trap and attack Kryl, but he has to adjust the right line, pass by guard rescue.In eightieth minutes, Van Persie ball, Valencia right passes on, Hernandez 6 yards a downward header slightly missed the left post.
Van Persie this season in the league with only 1 goals in the 1 ball over, perhaps the single game scoring ability almost, but now the score is that his stable from November 29th to today, for West Ham against Newcastle, Van Persie 6 league goals is not always help the team in scoring, assists, in this season in the The Noth Face Outlet Store league, Van Persie had only two games in a row without scoring no assists, surprisingly stable.United is also precisely because of Van Persie, can often staged comeback, and this game is also shown, he can take the place of Rooney's function and position, this is too important, is more than Manchester United line Title foundation.