The Direct Cause Of Kada Personnel Proposal

Japan's future party leader, Shiga cheap beats by dr dre Prefecture governor Yoshida Yukiko 26, held a press conference, expressed the party year or will begin to split.Around the former Democratic Party Ozawa Ichiro personnel wage issue, Ozawa legislators have intensified opposition with Ka Da.In addition, as key members of the former financial bear by Shizuka Kamei said on that day to lead to increasingly confused situation, the party will be set up in 1 months after a split face.
Ka Da says she wants to get in contact with Mr Ozawa, but as no echo, no reply.Ozawa side said, unable to agree to Kada personnel proposal, years may split.
Both resulting in worsening of relations is the direct cause of Kada personnel Mulberry Bags Outlet proposal.She was 24 in the party members of both houses Beats By Dre Pro of Congress propose their own and Congressman Abe Chiko served Moncler outlet as the common leader, Mr Ozawa mulberry outlet and Kamei as a consultant.Ozawa lawmakers strongly oppose this, and adopted by Ozawa became common Party temporary proposal.Both sides of each sticks to his own view., exacerbated by the opposition.
Kada The Noth Face Outlet Store had position in 26 special congress Prime Minister of the independent vote, but Mr Ozawa legislators in the 26 day of the members of both houses of Congress decision, named in the election will vote for vice president Mori Yuko.Ka Da had previously issued cancellation holds two general assembly instructions.