The Death Of 60 Russians Paid The United States Visa

The United States State Department spokesman Patrick Beats By Dre Pro Ventrel 26, said in a statement, the United States of America on upper house of Russian parliament by including a ban on American citizens to adopt cheap beats by dr dre Russian children in terms of the "reverse Magnitogorsk, Bill" expressed regret.Vin Terrell said in a statement: "will the fate of children and not related to political considerations linking is not wise."Vin Terrell says, since 1992, the United States of America family have adopted more than 60000 Russian children, as they provided in the mulberry outlet home environment growth opportunities.He says, this bill would make many children cannot enjoy the opportunity.
The United States President Barack Obama this month 14 day signed with Russian human rights bundle sanctions bill "Magnitogorsk Mainz law case".Under the bill, not to and in 2009 the Russian lawyer Magnitsky for the death of 60 Russians paid the United States visa.As against the United States through "Magnitogorsk Mainz law case" response, the Federation Council of Russia 26 days by 143 votes unanimously in favour of the vote resulted in the adoption of "anti Magnitogorsk, bill"."Anti Magnitogorsk, Bill" Regulations on human rights grounds, to disrupt made the ban on Russian citizens entering, the confiscation of their Mulberry The Noth Face Outlet Store Bags Moncler outlet Outlet property decides person who implements the visa restrictions and financial restrictions, a temporary ban on American funding to engage in political activity for business activities in russia.A ban on the Russian citizens of the implementation, participate in crime illegal deprivation of Russian civil liberties or Russian citizens were unfair trials American entry, and sealed them in Russia's financial assets.Be banned from Russia the United States citizens list will be by foreign authorities, the federal committee, party, Russian Federal human rights representative on the "black list" suggestions.
"Anti Magnitogorsk, Bill" also stipulates, prohibit American citizens to adopt children of Russia, Russia abolished in 2011 July signed an agreement.