Tibet Tours make you a happy holiday

With long history and deep cultural deposits, China has several capitals in history, such as Luoyang, Nanjing, Xian, Beijing, etc. So, if you want to know more about the Chinese culture and history, Chinese ancient capital tours are most knowledgeable. Start from the most famous ancient capital Beijing, you will enjoy the main typical features of Ming and Qing Dynasty, including buildings and treasures. According to the distance from spot to spot, Beijing car rental tour is the most budget and ideal tour methods.
Besides Beijing, Xian is also a famous capital city. Now, it still keeps the ancient atmosphere and environment so that tourists would have feelings of back to ancient China. After Beijing, Xian tour gives you another style of China. So Beijing Xian tour is one of the most popular Beijing China tours. Especially the Terracotta Warriors tour, which is the symbol of Xian, was the most welcomed scenic spot in Xian. It takes not very long time from Beijing to Xian by air. If you want to enjoy the views between Beijing and Xian, train from Beijing to Xian is also very convenient.
Besides these famous old capital, people also want to know more places to visit in China, and I would tell you the most characteristic and famous China city tours. Refers to mountain, there are five mountains are most famous in China, but after the Huangshan tour, you need not to visit these five mountains because it contains all characteristics of these five mountain. Also known as Yellow Mountain, Huangshan is located at Anhui Province, is the birth place of Taoism in China. If you like mountain in China, Zhangjiajie tour takes you to visit the national forest park in Zhangjiajie and appreciate the local flavor.
Would you like to enjoy the other culture of China? Tibet is the paradise place for travelers who are interested in Tibetan Buddhism. Lhasa tour is the core of Tibet tours, includes the most famous and representative attractions and symbols of Tibet, such as Potala Palace, Johkang Temple, Sera Monastery, etc.
Yunnan Province is a gathering place of minorities of China, is the pure water, clean air and enthusiastic people. Yunnan tour would give you the tranquility and peace to your life. China would give you more harvest, if you explore it carefully and patiently. And the best time to visit China is spring for most places, but if you want to visit Hainan Province, the winter is most suited.