Kobe 7

I learned yesterday, as the largest country of the brand's shoes production base garments, Quanzhou, and Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Chengdu, tied for the national e-commerce is one of the four major industries, including shoes and accounts Quanzhou clothing online 60% of the overall market. . Company orders O'Connell spring, summer, and fall, growth is expected to pay the amount of about 30%. Order quantity growth in Eastern Securities expects the company ordered the spring and summer will be about a 29% reduction in the number of orders with growth rates of Lebron 9 Shoes around 30%. Increased rates of about 5% in order to improve the growth of sales of wine. Order of less than 50% of the block sale of the company, but also to some extent reflects the franchise market confidence. Orient Securities, said bullish on growth performance throughout the year.

Alibaba Research Network Center for Professional Development Index 2011 published report, many cities index ranking prefecture level of development of the network of suppliers, No. 16 in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, ranking first, most of the information-aggregation network, a wide area of ??the province and the net suppliers. Interested parties, Quanzhou in 2011 estimates the total e-commerce transactions 48253000000 yuan, including shoes, bathroom plumbing, tea and other products in Quanzhou, online commerce, and thousands of families over, one and Lebron 9 collect a large number of loyal fans. Promoting local electricity providers collect Quanzhou, to create a network of professionals Pioneer Park, the current is the introduction of network operators around 1000, 300 suppliers, network operators can be marketed 80,000 yuan this year, after five years is expected to total more than 5,000 companies introducing network operators to achieve sales of over 50 billion yuan, profits and taxes of about $ 250 million.

In fact, during the Olympic Games in London, how to do marketing, and we have a clear strategy, while including brands such as title sponsor. I recently received a native of origin of a famous sports brand visibility, then the rate of the international strategy to expand its market share, but the harsh reality is, because of the visibility of the domestic price of hundreds of original shoes in the United States, only the price of a few dollars drums foreign Kobe 7 agents . The problem with the Chinese athletes the benefits of corporate resources most Olympic sports brand enterprises. Statistical Report 2011 8 companies sporting goods, sportswear combined revenue 16.146 billion yuan, 13.198 billion yuan sales revenue sports shoes. But there is a simple projection of the total revenue in 2011 from the sale of eight sports, whose company of sportswear and athletic shoes, and a year of income Yingli market. In fact, 60% of the domestic market, with more than a dozen brands, including Li Ning, Anta, Peak, Power 361, and the widening gap between apparent.

In fact, during the Olympic Games in London, how to do marketing of brand shoes, clothes, and a clear strategy, although in practice it is worth learning and learning, including brands Air Jordan 13 such as title sponsor, but not Zhaomaohuahu. Other sports brand since 2002 started its international attempts to establish branches and offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, London, Tokyo, and beyond, to adapt to the local culture and management style. London Olympic participation is definitely a good marketing opportunity to create a global brand, but it's best brands, or going through a period of experience. Insiders said that according to incomplete statistics, the city's shoes and clothing supplies nearly one billion euros, including network operators, Pioneer Park, including e-commerce channels, using a variety of manufacturers in Quanzhou, a number of fast and inexpensive recovery of inventory digestion of funds, but also facilitate the rapid development of the logistics support, storage, and other industries.