The Karen Millen Sale UN calls $ 8.5 billion for humanitarian aid in 2013

The UN has called for Friday, December 14 $ 8.5 billion (6.5 billion euros) in 2013 to fund its humanitarian aid programs will be provided to some 51 million people affected by 16 major crises - Syria not included - Karen Millen Dress in the world. In 2012, the number of people involved in these fundraising was also a little over 51 million.

The funds requested are however higher than in early 2012 ($ 7.7 billion), but lower than the revised appeal published in mid-year (8.8 billion). They are also below Karen Millen Outlet the record of 2010 (over 10 billion), a year marked by the devastating earthquake in Haiti and the massive floods in Pakistan. This year, the three countries that receive the largest funds are Somalia, Sudan and South Sudan, the three countries calls for 2012 were the least funded.

In addition to Karen Millen Dresses these three countries and the occupied Palestinian territories, other countries involved in fundraising are the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Kenya, Yemen, Chad, Afghanistan, Niger, Mali, Mauritania , Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, Central African Republic and the Philippines.

The UN PROVIDES Karen Millen Dress HELP 8.1 MILLION PEOPLE IN 2013

Some 1.3 billion (+14% compared to 2012) and are intended to Somalia, where famine has officially ended February 3, but where some 3.8 million people are in need of a life support or any other critical support, says the UN report. Yemen, the deepening of food and nutrition crisis and the continuing conflict Karen Millen in some parts of the country have greatly increased the number of people who need help, says the UN, which provides help 8 1 million people in 2013, against nearly 6 million in 2012.

In Mali, the UN says it needs $ 370 million, or 73% more than in 2012, 4.29 million to help those affected by the deteriorating political and military situation that could lead to serious tensions Bamako and violence and a possible internal armed conflict or a civil war.

Regarding Syria, Karen Millen Dresses the UN plans to release Wednesday two fundraising - one to help Syrians in Syria and another to help Syrian refugees - which will cover the needs of these populations for the first half of 2013. In Syria, some 2.5 million people in need of assistance according to the UN, while the number of registered Syrian refugees in the region surrounding Syria and North Africa has exceeded half a million.